Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Catching Up"

It has been a few days since I have posted. With school back in session for the children sometimes, there is just not enough time to sit down and write something that feels worth sharing

I have also been spending the past couple of days de-cluttering and getting things back in shape for my own return to school on Monday. I have a LOT of things to tend to once I get back on campus.


Mercifully, the past couple of days have also been much, much cooler. We had some much needed and welcome rain last evening on through to the earlier part of this morning. I sat in the rain when it first began yesterday for a bit.


I cannot think of anything quite as peaceful as sitting outside listening to and watching the rain cascade from the heavens. Those are some of my favorite kind of moments. This was my perch for that special moment.




NO!!, I did NOT get so excited by the rain  that I wet myself!!! I SWEAR that is rain in the seat of the chair!!! I SWEAR!!!


I did some cooking as well and spent a lot of time just deep in thought.


 Skillet Cornbread


 The makings of Spicy Chicken used for tacos.


The rest of the week will be quite busy. I was told to expect what I call a “pass-through” visit( A visit when someone is heading somewhere else, but needs a place to sleep. Sadly, this is true) from the boys other grandmother anywhere from tomorrow to Monday. I just love it when I know the exact date or time, someone will be coming to the house, and how long they intend to stay. There is nothing that I like better than to have to entertain a houseguest when I do not even know when they are coming, Plus, I had planned to get everything out of the way by Friday, so that I could have a nice relaxing weekend before I am thrown into the school mix. Nevertheless, life is full of the unexpected and one simply has to learn to “roll” with it. Iam in “roll” mode. I will simply work around it.


Things in the garden are still looking good.







 Look at "Big Mama" Woot!!!






 This one is really doing quite well.




 These potato plants continue to push through no matter how many time I cover them with soil. No more room so I guess I will have to hope that a good crop will come from them.



 More Peppers.


 Look at this "little darlin".


 Watermelon plants originally planted in-ground that were re-transplanted.

Memba Them?




 They have come a long way!!!


I plan to begin seedlings for the fall crop on Friday.




I already have the seeds and will fill in the raised bed and use some containers.


 I look forward to when the temperatures are steadily cool. Especially is this favorable when trudging around the college campus and you do not have an 18-year-old body.


 I almost forgot. I finally was able to get a shot of my “Guardian Bee-Angel”. I have been trying to sneak up on him/her/it, but they were too nimble and I was not nimble enough. So I finally caught this wonderful little insect drunk out of it’s gourd on watermelon nectar. I  hear ya’ bee.




Can you see my new best friend? He/She/ It/ is sacred to me.



So nothing, much else is going on around the old Homestead except anticipation of the fall garden, and constant dreams of one day having lumber, chickens, goats, and maybe even a cow. There are also hopes that this coming school semester will have a little mercy on me, the boys will do their homework without starting a civil war, and that I find a way to just get it all done. Fingers crossed.


Till next time…






lifes2odd said...

I'm right there with ya with fingers crossed too!! Sorry to hear about your unexpected company, I hate being put in that position! Things in the garden are looking wonderful! FM :-)

dbaumgartner said...

Oh I hate unexpected company.  I guess it's because I like my routine and hate disruption  LOL

The garden looks great and I know you have to be very proud.

Now about that "wet" spot.  Are you sure you didn't get yourself overly excited?  Hee Hee.  Just kidding.


frankandmary said...

Congrats on being a guest editor's pick. I agree totally with the peacefulness of listening to the rain. I sit on my porch with a cup of coffee & close my eyes. . . ~Mary

rjsisti said...

Congrats on be selected as one of the Guest Editor's Picks.

Hugs, Rose

lifes2odd said...

Congrats on being one of Deb's picks as guest editor!
Martha :-)

buckoclown said...

Congratulations on being a Guest Editor pick.  The food looks good :o)

lv2trnscrb said...

congrats on being a guest editor's pick this week!! all of your veggies you are growing look great!!!