Friday, August 29, 2008

"More Catch Up"

It is the beginning of a four day weekend. I am ecstatic. I am tired. I do not feel very well physically. I do not have classes on Friday. Since I don't, I use it as a day for catching up on household duties such as grocery shopping, laundry, bills, and planning for the week ahead. I still got up at five a.m. My body is used to that now.

I got the kids off to school with the last one out of the door around 7:45. I made a phone call, and then I showered and headed out. As thankful as I am that I get to go to the grocery store and am able to get enough food to feed us, I HATE GROCERY SHOPPING!!! It is one of THE most taxing things that I do. I have always been very budget concious. Sometimes, having to be on a budget, I am always asking myself if I could have shopped better, or smarter. But with today's prices, I am just happy to come out with something in the cart. It is not time for my general stock-up yet, but with the kids back in school, and being back in school myself, I have to do "fill-ins". I look forward to the time when I can stock up enough to not have to go back to the store for a while. I am pretty close, but not totally there yet. I'll get there though.

On the bright side, I did get some re-useable grocery bags thanks to a fellow " Greeny".(Someone has GOT to show me how to link in here).

 I often have an overflow of plastic bags and end up throwing them away. But research has shown( I would have put it here if I knew how to link) that these bags end up in landfills and can become mobile, and  cause major chaos to wildlife and sea creatures. The results are heartbreaking. So while it might not seem like a lot, I hope to get more re-useable bags if it means getting one step closer to helping with this problem.

In Other News.....

Last night my little one was recognized for being a "Good Egg" at school. It was nice to see the children recognized and cute to hear some of the little introductions. Isn't he tall?



My little man is also struggling with math. Hmmm, wonder where he gets THAT from? I sat with him while he did his homework this week. It wasn't pretty. He is REALLY having a hard time. Each homework session ended with him in tears from the frustration of not getting it. Oh do I know how he feels!!! But, the school has recognized his problem and is giving him help, and I will continue to help him in the evenings.It is amazing how he gets high grades in everthing else, but the math; crash and burn.  I am going to look for some software that he can do on the computer, and I bought him a small dry erase board. I know that for me, sometimes working out problems on the board or seeing them, in the manner that they were introduced in class helps. This way he can erase over and over if he needs to, before putting the answers on paper. I am also going to improve our study area while we have this long weekend. I have a larger dry-erase board, a cork board, and some other supplies to use in that area. I have some reorganization ideas that I want to implement in that area.

On top of that, his first Science Project came home today. He has to do something on the Habitats of Georgia. I'll have to get him to the library and get supplies,not to mention find the time to fit it in, with working with him on the math and other homework. I am tired already. I know, I know; Just Do It!!

 My math is heating up and I am already having trouble as well. College Algebra is much more intense than the math that I just finished. But I study it, and work on problems every night. I have a tutor, and two math-labs that hopefully will get me through it. Fingers crossed.

So far, my history class is pretty easy. The lectures are getting better and a bit more interesting. Good thing that I enjoy history.

And speaking of seems that some of my tomato plants and peppers are heading in that direction. I have found what looks like scalding or something. After the heavy rains from Fay, several of the peppers had this. On the tomatoes is something similar but not quite as bad. Plus, something has begun to eat what is left of the summer produce. New peppers and tomatoes are still growing but with the weather having been so cool for a few days, I don't know how much more they will grow. We'll see. The fall crops are starting to sprout and hopefully will be ready for planting soon.

It felt good to get outside today. I hung out several loads of laundry and walked around the garden. Unfortunately, my lower back, left leg, ankle, and foot have been giving me LOTS of trouble lately. Sometimes the pain radiates into the buttock and hip area. I went to the doctor and was told that it was "probably" Sciatica, but I am going to make another appointment with the foot and ankle doctor to get another x-ray done. I really want to spend at least one day in the garden since we have a long weekend, but don't want to push it. I'll play it by ear.

Other than being extremely tired, I am in a good place mentally. I am doing whatever is necessary to stay focused and just keep going and pushing past whatever I am feeling. I have a good study schedule in place, but with little man's issues, I am going to have to adjust it. But we'll do it. My mantra is: I am a strong, capable woman. I am determined, I am focused. I can handle it.

 I have been trying to get everything done on Friday and Saturday, so that I can have at least one day off on the weekend. This worked well for me last week. So tomorrow, Lord willing and the creek don't rise, I plan to put in a full day of chores and plotting out the wee one's Science project. I have several pounds of meat to cook for the week, and Sunday's dinner to prepare. The boys will help with the cleaning and this weekend the grass MUST get cut. So I have a full weekend planned and look forward to the extra day off on Monday. I am "dreaming" of getting in some extra sleep or maybe even a movie. It is amazing the joy that I get these days from just the little things.

I hope to have more pictures the next time I write, but until then, everyone enjoy the long weekend. If you will be spending the Holiday with family and or friends, embrace it, and them. If not, still make it count.Till next time.....





lifes2odd said...

Cheers -- it's the much needed weekend! :-)
I love your new grocery bags! I'm so glad you've joined me on green groceries! Congrats once again to the little man -- although he looks so big I hardly recognized him! Sorry to hear he is also struggling in math. You two will have to team up and work together.
Habitats of Georgia -- why not get all the info online? It's so much easier than hitting the library! Just let me know what his project requirements are and I'll get JoJo (the project king) to come up with a great project and the easiest way to do it.
Good luck getting everything done that you need to with some time to rest and relax in between! Best of luck with school (I know you can do it!), and in the garden!
Email on the way to tell you how to link!
Martha :-)

janetpearl17 said...

The little one is really not that little any more. He has recently really shot up. Really like the bags. Every little bit helps. It all makes a difference.

dbaumgartner said...

Just catching up after being offline for a couple of days.  It sure is nice to read about kid who's a "good egg."  All you ever hear about is how awful kids are.  We have to remember that there are good kids out there.

I can't help you on the math thing.  I am not a math guru by any means. I can understand the frustration since Math was one of my worst subjects.

About linking text.  When you are creating your entry just type in what you want linked.  For example "Fellow Greenie"  Then highlight the words.  Once the words are highlighted look where the little globe is.  It's next to the camera icon.  Click on the globe and that's where you enter the link.

I hope that helps