Saturday, August 9, 2008


I enjoyed most of the afternoon in the garden. Mercifully, it was a much cooler day than the previous temps that we had been experiencing.

I have been in a pensive mood today. When I wasn’t in the garden I was inside writing and doing a bit of reading. I have basically been craving quiet and solitude today.


I think of all the things that I had on my “to-do” list for today. There were errands, and a major cleaning, and papers and agendas to sign for the boys. I had supplies to prepare to send to school and menus to plan. I even had meat in the fridge to grill.  I had a bookshelf to re-stock and carpets to shampoo. But I knew that I did not have the energy to do much of anything. I didn’t sleep well last evening and was basically running on fumes. I had just decided to steel myself today and do what I had to do. However, that changed.


 So instead, I gave myself a mental health day and did some of the things that I “wanted” to do. Now granted,  I know that a person can’t always do just what they want to do, but sometimes we have to make room for that in our lives. I made room for it today.


I spent some time outside with my nine year old explaining to him why I love gardening/farming. He told me what I said was interesting and that maybe he would think about being a farmer too. I thought that was sweet.





I “babied” Pumpkin for a while and we played tug-o-war with one of her toys.


Several times, I just went out and overlooked the garden. There was no particular reason. I just wanted to be outside and enjoyed taking in the wonder of nature.


Things in the garden are really coming together. Every day that I go out there, something has changed in one way or another. I have a special “Bee” that has been coming around to pollinate the flowers in the garden. I can never get close enough to get a shot of it though. I call it “The Bee Fairy”. It usually comes around when I can’t see it, leaving behind the makings of some wonderful, fruitful plants.


The Hibiscus looks beautiful today.





I love color and they are in full bloom.





Some of the Marigolds that I planted from seed are sprouting, as well as some of the Zinnias. I can’t wait until they make their full appearance.




The tomatoes are looking great.







 These are the "Triplets"


And this little beauty came off the vine today. Isn't she lovely?



Several new flowers are opening up on the pepper plants and the beans are still doing well in both spots.




Something is still eating the collards. I have some in different spots but all leaves seem to be compromised.


I just love the smells that come from the garden. Here is another little baby melon that I noticed today.


 See her big sister behind her? She's got her back. ::whispering:: "Don't tell the other "Kidetables" that their melon siblings are my favorites."


I wonder if the cantaloupe plant is just going to flower and not produce this year. I might have planted way too late in the season. Either way, it has come a long way



 and the yellow flowers still add some nice color to the garden.




I also picked up a jar of this today.


 I am sure that it is not as good as homemade, but I wanted to try it after hearing so many good things about it.

 I have never had Pesto before. I am not one that has ever really used many herbs while cooking. But, I do like to try new things. As for the results, I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. It is definitely something that I will make again. It is interesting and something that I think with time I will acquire a taste for  So Pesto is a new addition to my kitchen. Thanks for the suggestion FM.


 Since I took today off, tomorrow, rather thangrill, I am going to slow cook the meat in the oven. I am going to concentrate on the living room and bookshelf as my main areas of attention. I am delegating some of the smaller tasks to the children, and I am setting aside thirty minutes to one hour, to take care of the school needs. I will plan to knock out one thing on each day of next week so that the weekend can be spent preparing for my return to classes.


Tonight, I am going to take a nice hot bath, and try to get to bed a bit early. I need some sleep and the boys will be up with their father. I can feel the bubbles cascading around me now.


Happy Saturday evening to all. Make it count.

Till next time…….


janetpearl17 said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day. The farm looks amazing. Love the pretty flowers. It's sweet that your son seems to be interested in following in Mama Farmer's footsteps. The bath sounds lovely and decadent. Enjoy.

lifes2odd said...

So glad you took the day off and just did what you felt like doing. I had a lot on the agenda today too, but when I work up to those storms which continued all day, I decided on a day just rest, relax and enjoy having my daughter home from college.
You're garden is looking great! Things are really coming along!
Glad you gave the pesto a try. It is definitely an acquired taste, and especially so if you don't use a lot of herbs to begin with since it is a very strong and flavorful herb. Try using it some different ways too. You'll get to where you crave basil the second you smell it!
Looks like our day tomorrow will be ablout the same - I have a list that has to be complete before I head back to work on Monday and of course my daughter has a list of things for me too before she heads back to college.
Happy Saturday evening to you too!
FM :-)

dbaumgartner said...

Very nice and you deserve a Mental health day.  I'm lucky if I can get a mental health minute  LOL

I love the color of your hibiscus. Very pretty.