Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Long Time No Blog"

I haven't blogged in it seems like forever. I guess I have just been either too busy or too tired, or too distracted to do so.

So much is going on as usual. I still haven't been able to pry myself from my constant desire to cocoon. If anything, I seem to want to do so even more lately.

I am once again having trouble in math and I am beyond frustrated. Things are going "Lightning" fast in this class. Before I can grasp one subject we learn two to three more. I am falling behind. I am still trying to stay positive, but some days are harder than others.

To top that off, so many people seem to be getting ever more rude and the world that we live in today just lacks care. It is as if every man/woman is for him or her self and more and more tension is mounting out there the closer we get to the election.

I am not one to talk politics or religion and prefer to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself and am most adamant about that. But the rumblings out there are most disheartening to me.

I still feel that if my foot were only long enough I would still be kicking myself in the ass for not making the proper preparations in my life so that I wouldn't be 47 and starting all over again. Life is not like it was ten years ago. Hell, it is not what it was 5 years ago. It's hard out here.

I think that we all need to take heed, and keep our eyes open in the months ahead. Maybe I am getting more and more cynical as I get older, maybe I am just a realist. But for whatever it is worth, I think that if it is a helping hand that you are looking for, it is a surer bet to realize that it is more likely to be at the end of your forearm.

Oh, what a cheery, welcome post to christen my new blog. Peace all,
Till next time.....