Friday, August 1, 2008

A Little Catch-Up"

Well, I'm finally back to writing. I had a stressful few days doing making up work for a class. I had forty-eight hours to turn in a project and study for a test. Let me tell you, DON'T try this at home folks. It was a long, arduous, forty-eight hours, but I am proud to say that my hard work paid off, for I got a 100% on my project.  I guess no sleep makes me more creative..hmmm, who knew, but I digress.

I only got a chance to step into the garden a little bit at a time. But that was then and this is now and I am happy to have the work behind me  and the chance to get back to my "little piece of heaven".

Things are looking nice and green on the Homestead. There was a nice, hard, long rain last night so the plants got a good watering. The plants in the propogation area are ready to be planted.

I really have to stop saying it and really do it. I have just been so very, very, tired these past couple of days. I think that I am mentally constipated as well. Next week, my boys are back to school and then I follow the week after. Being on campus yesterday was just a reminder of how hectic things are going to be. But that is life and it is too short to not take the bad with the good. But back to more important things.

There is some growth in other areas of the garden as well:

The cantaloupe is growing so long that I had to put it on a table so that it wouldn't just be on the ground.

I had to elevate the watermelon as well.

Even the peppers are finally starting to make their appearance:

All in all, the vegetables are not doing that bad.

Look at the flowers:


Back inside, I decided to do a little cooking. That is always good for mental constipation. I decided to partake of my favorite vegetable: Bok Choy.

This isn't from my garden, but it will be. I have seeds and those babies will be dirt bound once the weather cools off.

 I turned it into Chicken stir-fry. There is actually some asparagus, carrots, red bell pepper and yellow squash in there too. Guess the bok-choy just covered it up.

But one of the best parts of my day was finding this ready for me outside. ::Starting up music and singing to the "Miss America Theme Song:: "Here she is..........

 Yes, my first  ready to eat baby of the season. She's red, she's ripe, she's beautiful. I love her.  Hold me. I just stared at her for a while. I took in her majesty, her awesomeness. So overwhelmed was I by her presence that a few seconds later........

 I sliced her up and put her in a sandwich...what? It's a tomato for God's sake!!!!( not much left when you share the small dear with others who want to partake of the first fruits. Darn, those selfish farmhands of mine!!!)

 Seriously, there is nothing better than growing your own food, and realizing the true fruits of your labor. It feels amazing. I can't wait for future progress.

Till next time.






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lifes2odd said...

Things are looking great!! Congrats on your project and do tell, how was your first tomato?! FM :-)