Sunday, August 24, 2008

"Catching Up Again"

Wow, I had no idea that it has been the 13th since I left an entry here. I was under the impression that I had written one last week. Not!!

So I am making the time to do a brief catch-up, and to say some thank-yous.

When I logged onto my computer on Friday evening, imagine my surprise when I saw more comments. I didn't know what was up because I usually have three regular readers and they had already commented on my entry. After reading further, I realized that "Deb"( sorry I don't know how to link properly) was "Guest Editor" on Friday, and she was gracious enough to choose me as one of her picks. It was a very nice surprise. Thank you Deb!!! I would also like to thank each person that stopped by to check things out and leave very nice comments. It was most appreciated and I would welcome a visit anytime.

On the catching up trail, of course I am back in school and have set my focus on my classes. I had three but dropped down to two so that I had room for intense tutoring. I have always struggled with math and am in College Algebra right now. I wanted to hit it running and have been coming home from classes and immediately getting started on my homework instead of procrastinating. This attitude is serving me well thus far. This enables me to get my work done, and to be prepared, and it clears up enough time for me to supervise the homework of my children. There a backpacks to check, agendas to sign, and still paperwork coming home. This Thursday, my youngest is being recognized at this year's first PTO meeting. He is a "Pride of the Patriots". Here is the schools definition of the program:

Pride of the Patriots is a character education recognition program. Students are recognized for their integrity and positive character, which are exhibited on a daily basis in the classroom. Positive character traits include, but are not limited to, responsibility, respect, trustworthiness,willingness to help others, loyalty, honesty, and courage. Each month, homeroom teachers select one student based on the following criteria; Citizenship;Positive daily interaction with teachers and peers;Respect for others and self and Respect for school policies and procedures."

So my young man was chosen as the August Patriot of his classroom. He will receive a T-shirt, and will be called up to the stage and introduced. Way to go "Young Un".

The teenager is taking French and seems to be enjoying it thus far. I worried about this particular class at first but so far he is taking to it. C'est Bon. Which I hope means "good" in French.

Besides Algebra, I am also taking World History to 1660. I have always enjoyed history as a subject. There are 210 people in this lecture class. I was a bit overwhelmed at first not being a big fan of crowds, but found myself a nice little seat out of the way. A plus of the class is that the teacher is funny and the information is interesting. Of course it is more interesting, and she is much funnier if I am not tired or sleepy.

On the garden front, some of the seedlings are already pushing through. I have been harvesting the peppers and using them in recipes. There are still green tomatoes on the vine, and a few hot peppers still budding. The watermelons are still babies and I really don't expect full size melons. I think they have become a novelty item in the garden. I just love looking at them. Next year, Lord willing and the creek don't rise, I will plant earlier in the season. This garden has definitely been  a lesson and has taught me many things. It has been a Godsend, therapeutic, and an absolute joy.







Today it is rainy and I think we are getting the tail end results of "Fay" over in Florida. But I don't mind. As stated here before, I simply "adore" rain. I was tempted to go and spend some time with my youngest in the tent. But, the rain cover had blown off and it was just too wet and messy. The wind is a bit high on and off, but I don't care. As long as my house stays put and a tree doesn't fall over, I am going to happily enjoy this wet, quiet, afternoon. Today is a sneak-peek into the coming of Autumn. I am so looking forward to Autumn which is my second favorite season only after Spring.

I worked all day yesterday to ensure that I could have today off. I read a bit earlier this morning, had two phone calls come in, and my little one wants to hang out for a bit. I cooked today's dinner yesterday and until around six, I don't intend on doing a single thing. Around six, I will start the week's preparations. I will iron my outfits for the week, set out what I will wear tomorrow, have the boys do the same, and then I am planning on taking a long, hot, bath and turning in early.

So that is pretty much it for this "Homestead". I hope that everyone has a great upcoming week and I will see you..Next Time.


lifes2odd said...

Things are looking great! Congrats on being one of Deb's picks and congrats to Josh for the Pride of the Patriots this month! Good luck with everything with school for yourself, just be sure to keep the balance and you'll do just fine. Oh and don't forget to get some "after" photos of those home cooked meals. Enjoy your Fay day and have a great week! Martha :-)

janetpearl17 said...

Thanks for the catch-up. Missed your entries. Sounds like you had an overall nice day. Congrats to the little one on his special recognition.

dbaumgartner said...

Way to go on the kiddo's recognition! We need to spend more time recognizing and honoring the good stuff! Great job!

So far, it sounds like you are in control and on the right path. You're going to do great.

We are getting rain from Fay and will be all week. It's good because we really need it.

Have a great day,