Friday, August 8, 2008


 Thank God, It’s Friday!!!  We have the second day of school under our belts before getting  back fully into the swing of things next week

 After getting the boys off this morning, I started with garden duties. The garden is looking good and there is a continuation of color. I cannot wait until the red peppers turn red and a few more tomatoes ripen.  I know that a mother is not supposed to show favoritism, but I am in love with my baby melons. They have melted this mama’s heart. I find myself pampering them every morning. I am just in awe of them. I guess when you witness the beginnings of something you have only ever seen in a grocery store it is just fascinating.


After garden duties, I cleaned up after my cow Pumpkin. I filled her trough with food and sat out her water. I showered and dressed, grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed out for errands.


I  almost broke my neck on the stairs on my way out. A piece of the carpet that is on the steps came loose and my shoe got stuck under it. I took it off(the carpet, not the shoe)  and added the steps to the long list of other things that need attention.





I had several stops to make and two stock-ups to complete. I started with meats and lunch supplies. I did pretty well and stuck to my budget. Upon getting home, I realized that a bag of my lunch supplies remained at the store. The cashier and bagger were talking so much that they forgot to put my purchase in my cart. I called the store and had them tag the bag and I will pick it up tomorrow. I would have gone back for it, but after arriving home realized that something didn't smell right about my car. Thank God, I had the wherewithal to notice. My car is out of oil. I don't want to think about what would have happend to my engine had I not checked it. The frustrating thing is that  I just recently had an oil change. Obviously, the individual who did my oil change did not put enough oil back in. There are no leaks and the oil light didn't come on.  For the sake of public decency, we shall call it an oversight. I also did some comparison shopping on car batteries. I have narrowed it down to two places for the purchase. After using the coke to clean off the corrosion, I think that I will be able to hold off on the battery for the time being. I don't plan to put it off to long though.


I think I did pretty well on rounding up the school supplies. Here is what I came back with:




In the photo is:

4- Spiral 1-subject notebooks

18- Packs of 150 sheet paper at 3/1.00

2- 1” Poly-Binders

30- 2 Pocket, prong folders

1-Pink Girly folder for me with a suede cover.




6-Composition notebooks

1- Bottle hand sanitizer

2- Packs mechanical pencils

2- Packs dry erase markers

1- Water color paint

1-Box of 12 coloring pencils

20- Bic Cristal pens

6- Large pink erasers

1- Zippered pencil case

1- Box 64 crayons

48 pencils

2-Packets notebook dividers

2- 3 pack boxes of Puffs tissues

And, a double box of Excedrin.  Yes, I needed this item and will continue to need it in the future.

After coupons and Buy one get one free, it all came to


 ::Drum-Roll Please:: 



 $ 32.76 Not too bad.


Later in the day, I spent some time doing a walk-through of the house and figuring out what needs to be done. I made a list of things that are a priority like my car, laundry, shampooing the rugs a good general cleaning, and a hair appointment. Next, were things like fixing the carpet on the steps, the mailbox, finding a way to clean up the weeds growing out front and working out a good yet flexible schedule to accommodate some changes that will go into effect when I begin school. Plus, there is the garden to look after.


 I thought I started classes on the 15th, but instead it will be the 18th.  I need to head to the campus on the 15th to drop my British Literature class which I really dread doing. But with the intensity of the College Algebra plus World History up to the year 1600 I am afraid to overload. There will be lots of reading in conjunction with the History, as well as papers and possible projects. I will also need to tutor for several hours a week and will have to spend as much time as possible in the math lab. Not to mention all the homework.  I will be so glad to get math behind me finally so that I can carry at least five classes and catch up on my hours again. It will be a crazy time but I would like to finish school before my children are my classmates.


I  was able to get a head start on laundry today and had more school forms to fill out. Thanks to my goat  Pumpkin, I also had to get a headstart on the vacuuming. There was paper torn up from the living room, to the hallway, and  through the kitchen. Thanks Pumpkin! Love you....


 I took everything out of the freezer and re-stocked it with the newer things on bottom. I still have to divvy up the supplies and plan menus for the next couple of days. I want to grill some meat so it can stretch a few days. I already have to be out of here first thing in the morning to tend to my car, and to finish picking up the staples for stock-up. I have backpacks to check, agendas to sign, and a bookcase to restock.


On top of all that, I had the mother of all headaches today. Excedrin FINALLY dulled it, but after the Excedrin, I got a stomachache. Oy!




 Still,lots to do, but it must get done. And it will.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Make every second count. And don't take too many Excedrin.


Till next time….









janetpearl17 said...

Nice stash. You sre quite the shopper. Love the pink suede. Thank god you didn't break your neck. Goat/cow LOL!!  

lifes2odd said...

TGIF! I can totally relate to what you said about your baby melons. I think it's our motherly instinct that kicks in when we see our little plants sprouting and growing. Seeing a little tiny tomato, melon or zuchinni is like the birth of a baby! -- Ok, so it's not quite that exciting but it's a good substitute at our age :-)

You did a great job with school supply shopping! Best of luck with getting everything else done and on schedule. Make sure you tend to the oil first thing (before you end up with a situation like I did with my DFH's car!).

Hope you have a great weekend!
FM :-)