Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Busy Day"

Today was a busy day on the homestead. I started the day by washing clothes that took up three lines to hang out. I made a huge skillet of pork for pork tacos, and I had to do some tinkering in the garden.

Some of my plants are wilting!!



 The temperatures have been absolutely brutal. I am trying not to over water, but at the same time, I don’t want them to dry out either. The worst hit is my pepper plants. This one is basically dead. First, it started to wilt, then upon closer inspection, I realized that bugs had eaten through the entire root. I will probably lose it. Two of the other started to wilt as well, but not as bad. I moved them to a shadier part of the growing area and hope that it will do the trick. I love these little veggies and would hate to lose them.









Remember the half-dead plants that I got from Wal-Mart, well after working with them they look like this now.




The mosquitoes are also bad. Even after putting on Deep Woods Off, they still ate me up!!!


I still am praying for some rain or something to cool things down. This has really been one of the hottest summers ever.


Tonight was also Open House for the kiddies. Of course, no one thought to turn on the air. I can just imagine how hot it will be for my youngest son during recess. I hope the teachers at least keep the children hydrated if possible. I know that last year they gave them small cups of Gatorade and sold it for 75 cents a bottle. I’m planning to make sure that extra drinks are in the lunchbox.


The High School was almost worse than the grammar school. No air, too many bodies, and CHAOS!!! But, we made it!!


I am not ready for school to start back for any of us. It seems as if we just got out and already it is time to head back. However, I am thankful that for the most part we had a good summer even when some days weren’t as pleasant as others.


Well, it’s time to get things settled for the night. Tomorrow is haircuts, school lunch, and supply shopping. I’m tired already.



Till next time.



dbaumgartner said...

I hear ya about the heat. It's awful and today is going to be another brutal day. According to the weather the heat MIGHT break on Friday. I can't wait until August is gone then it's on to Fall.

I've decided that over winter I am going to work a space in my spare room and grow container veggies inside. Just gotta keep the cats off of them.

You are doing great and the Wal Mart plants look wonderful!


lifes2odd said...

My plants get wilted like that just albout every day in the Florida heat. They usually perk back up after being watered.
Hey, are those Walmart plants coleus? If they are, they are super easy to root cuttings of.
Good luck getting everything done before school tomorrow!
FM :-)