Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Today I worked on mostly clearing areas of the yard. I have it sectioned off as to how I want to cultivate it. It is not easy work. I am working with a paltry budget and lots of things that need to be done. But, instead of it being a discouragement, I now find it as a challenge and get excited every time that I progress. The first job that I tackled along with "The Teenager" was the area around the fence that I planted the sunflower seeds. I can't wait to see what they do.

As I was clearing and planting, I came across this little one:

I guess I scared the poor creature because it promptly peed on my glove. Sorry little one.

Here are some more areas that I worked on clearing out:

Once I rent a truck or my oldest "decides" to drop by with his truck, I can take my refuse pile off to the dump and will have a very nice, sunny section to place further plants.

In this section, I plan to plant some marigolds or maybe zinnias:

This is a triangular section that I plan to add some more soil to. It will be a part of the "chill" center where I will put the table,chairs and hopefully a screened gazebo or an umbrella and stand. I already have the grill in this area. I want a part of the yard to be a place where we can cookout, sit in, read, or have some carefree picnic lunches. Some nice plants or greenery will make this area even nicer.

Once I am done with the sustainable portion of my backyard and get some different crops going, I want to work on my front yard. It has been neglected for far too long. Here are some of the areas that I plan to concentrate on:

This is an area in front of the house where I plan to clean out, hand till, and plant some flowers.

And speaking of plants, my elephant ears are coming in:

The area also needs some maintainence. Since I have been in school, there has been little time to even think about outside upkeep. All that has, and is going to continue to be different.

I have a bench out front that has been sitting in my yard for a couple of years now. I would like to grow some flowers around it or pot some flowers and put them on both sides of the bench.

I think my bench might need to be redone. LOL. This is a nice area after looking at this pic that some  wildflowers might look good grown into it. The tree it sits under provides lots of nice shade. The only downside is that my son's basketball hoop is very nearby and as rough as they play it might get trampled. Perhaps some decorative fencing in this area would be the answer for that.

For the most part, what I will need is time. Time to put together what I like to call my "Farm Subsidy". Time to work out in the yard and balance school and the responsibilities of home and raising my children. Time to figure out more about the soil, and the best plants for my zone. It is a process but a process that I wouldn't dream of giving up.


lifes2odd said...

Things sure are shaping up around there!! I think some hostas would be beautiful around the big tree and bench area with maybe some nice potted flowers added too. Funny that you mentioned the elephant ears, I just planted some elephant ear bulbs a few days ago! Did you keep the little turtle for a pet? Hope those sunflower seeds do well!
Happy gardening! :-)

janetpearl17 said...

Wow what progress.  I am sure that you will figure out a way to increase your "farm subsidy". You certainly have made a great start.  You certainly have "clearance" now.
I like the idea of having an area where you cookout and hangout. Maybe a couple of comfortable long lounge chairs.

dbaumgartner said...

Looking good.  You're doing so much!

I hope the little turtle was OK.  Poor little thing  :-)