Friday, July 11, 2008

"Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch"

After taking care of the stock-up for the day, I went outside to take a look at my babies. I am beginning to see even more progress.



Here you can see the buds on my peppers starting to form. I was so excited!

If I knew how to do photoshop, I would have put in an arrow to show where there is also a little bud on my cantaloupe plants. If you look closely at the upper right hand portion of the plant you can see it.

I also splurged on a clearance container and one more transplant. This is an Icebox Watermelon plant. My inground watermelon plants are showing some life but still aren't growing as much as the other ones. I spoke to someone yesterday while out and was told that sometimes the first batch doesn't grow and you just have to keep planting. I also researched some accounts of watermelon grown in containers. I decided to experiment. We'll see what happens. Here it is:

The silver pot sitting next to it was one that I found in the shed from my last garden back in 2004. Wow, I can't believe I haven't grown anything since then.

While at the grocery store today, I also picked this up to try as a part of a challenge presented to me by a "Farmer Friend" to try something different at least once a week. This was my choice:

 Yes, the trusty Rutabaga. It was a hit in another household so I want to see if my tastebuds will give it "Two Green Thumbs" up as well.

For snacking, I picked up some yogurt, some trail mix, some fruit and cereal bars and two of my favorite fruits:

I look forward to the day when I will only have to walk a few feet to get this wonderful treat from my own bounty.

And last but not least, tonight's vegetarian dish was a simple vegetable stir-fry.

The star of the show was one of my absolute FAVORITE greens: Bok Choy. It was DELICIOUS!!!!  I am hoping that I can grow that in my zone. I could eat Bok Choy all day and not tire of it. It is usually expensive so  I don't buy it too often, but I found it for 92 cents a pound and got a pound and a half. I love the white stalks almost as much as I do the very tasty green it is attached to. I threw in some frozen asparagus stir-fry for a bit more crunch and color. I was too hungry to wait for the brown rice to cook so just opted for white tonight. But I must say that it woke up my taste-buds and was a welcome, welcome treat.

Here's to continued progress!




lifes2odd said...

Excellent entry! Your garden is looking good. I have to wonder if sometimes our first plantings don't do well because we try to take too good care of them. Not to mention all the new soil, the new mulches, etc. I think the garden needs time to kind of settle in on its own. Glad you got your rutabaga, it's such an odd veggie! I don't know that it was really a "hit" here, but everyone agreed it was ok, they'll eat if if and when it's on the menu -- it was the brussel sprouts recipe that was the real hit! You're stir fry dinner looks delicious! Send me a plate over :-)

dbaumgartner said...

I am so impressed.  You are making tremendous progress and things are looking so nice.

i love the stocking up entry.  That's something i have to do in the next month or so.  When I stock up I really stock as much as I can.  LOL


janetpearl17 said...

I love Bok Choy as well. Never had Rutabaga though.The stir fry looks great.
The progress of your labors is really going at a rapid rate. It is truly special watching your progress with you. Thanks for sharing.