Monday, July 7, 2008


This journal is going to be where I share my progress as I find my way back to the "Simple Life". Living simply has always been a very, very, important thing to me. It has been a dream that I have had ever since childhood. I have always seen myself on a small piece of land, living independently of the grid, growing my own food, raising a few animals. I have never made it to the "promised land" so to speak, due to life and other things getting in the way.So I figured that I had to decide" that I was going to take baby steps and incorporate small things into the life that I had until I could get to the point where I wanted and needed to be. I started working on this in early and mid-June. The accompanying photos and blurbs will track my progress.

This is my story, these are the steps I am taking, this is my journey.

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