Monday, July 7, 2008

"Don't Fence Me In, or The Lessons Learned For Today"

Today was a LOOONNNGGGG day. I am tired. But it is a good tired! I finally got the fence around my garden. Being a novice, and not always understanding how to do things the way "other" people do them, I just went with my gut instincts, how it appeared in "my" head and did it. Is it the best fence? Probably not? Is is the worst? Of course not. But it is up, and my veggies are safe from trampling. That's a good thing. The finished product is below.



My for a time, disgruntled employee, LOL!

While working in the yard today, I also learned several lessons:

* If you are going to wear work pants, make sure they fit and don't fall off in the yard.

* Pray you don't get diarrhea( which mysteriously disappeared once I started working) on the day you decide to put up a fence.

* Never tempt the fates by even thinking to yourself: "God, what would I do if I had to do this all over again.

* Not stroking out when halfway done you realize that the fence is upside down and you have to do it all over again!!

*Thank God you bought 400 feet of twine.

*Never allow your children to grow up on a diet of video and or computer games and tv.

* Realizing that your 15 year old can't tie a knot, hammer a nail, or measure. ::sigh::

* Pray for more patience as you teach your 15 year old how to tie a knot, hammer a nail and measure.

*Male, 15 year old fingers are sometimes too thick for the intricacies of tying off twine.

* Female, 47 year old fingers are sometimes too thick for the intricacies of tying off twine.

* If you still don't want to stroke out, don't take the passive-aggressiveness of your 15 year old personally.

*Don't become passive-aggressive yourself and deny your 15 year old assistant a break because he pissed you off royally.

*Remember your assistant is a 15 year old teenager who would rather be devouring a diet of video games, the computer and tv.

* Don't wish that you could say "Poof be gone" to your soon to be ex/housemate that stands at the back door and tells you how "he" thinks you should do it.

* It's ok to mumble quietly to yourself "Shut the Hell Up" to your soon to be ex/housemate.

* I need a wife.

*I feel "Kick-Ass when I weilding tools.

* Realizing that although a novice and don't really know what the hell you are doing, you grew some balls and did it anyway.

And the top lesson that I learned today was:

*Remembering why I started my garden in the first place:




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