Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Well, I made it back. I got home yesterday but was EXTREMELY tired!! The flight was VERY tiresome with no air and having to sit on the tarmac for an hour after boarding.

I am assuming that due to the high cost of gas they are cutting down on the air-conditioning. There were little bursts of air coming from shoots directly above our seats but for a large plane and seats so close together, you would think that ESPECIALLY during the summer they would be more considerate. But, I guess this is one of the effects of our crumbling economy and the things we will have to get used to. Flying now feels not much different from a "Greyhound Bus" ride. You now get a cup of water rather than the individual bottles of water. Two passengers share one can of soda or juice, and now you have to buy snacks. So many people had bags of fast food and drinks on the plane. This was something I had rarely if ever run into when flying in the past. But the most important thing is that I made it there and back safely.

Even though I was only on the plane for a little over two hours, my body showed me just how tired that I was. All those late nights and early mornings finally caught up with me. On the upside, I was able to sleep like a log while in New York and hated that my trip was so short.

It was a great visit.  It was too hot to really do all the walking that we usually do each time I am there. Still, there were nice meals, cafes, and the feel of the city. I found myself lost in the street markets looking at all the produce as we walked by and feeling a certain sense of "kindred" as the beautiful fruit and vegetables were stacked high by their vendors. It made me even more excited about my own garden back at home.

And speaking of my own garden, things were fine. I was in contact with my son and he did as I asked him with the watering. I was only gone for 3 days, but in that time, some VERY nice surprises awaited me when I returned.

When I last posted on Thursday evening, I placed a picture of the pumpkins and beans that had begun to sprout, here is how they looked on Thursday when I took the picture:

Here is how they look now:

Can you say: "THAT'S INCREDIBLE!!!!! When I walked out onto the porch I almost fainted. I was SHOCKED to see the progress in that short period of time. I don't know when I was able to shut my mouth!!! Obviously the plastic, makeshift greenhouses that I had put over the plants REALLY did a wonderful job. I am STILL in shock!!

Here are some more shots of the seedlings:

These are the beans.

Snap Beans



The only thing yet to sprout is my lettuce. I will keep watching it and if no results happen, I will simply re-seed it and see what happens.

All in al the garden looks great. Here are the other plants:

The first flower on the watermelon plant.

Another tomato hiding under the leaves.

 After pruning some of the dead yellow leaves off of this tomato plant, the leves seem to have turned so green!! On the other side is two little tomatos peeking out.

Overall, even with the intense heat, my little piece of heaven is still heavenly.


lifes2odd said...

Welcome home!!! Sure looks like your garden did well while you were gone. I can't believe how fast those little plants grew! (Well, I can believe it, I suppose that's why I have to go outside and look at mine every 5 minutes, LOL! I sometimes think if I stand there long enough I'll be able to see them growing ;-)
Glad you're back! FM :-)

dbaumgartner said...

Wow, things look great!  So glad your son was able to look out after the garden while you were gone.

Glad you had a nice time but if you're like me it sure feels good to be back home.