Thursday, July 10, 2008

"This and That"

Nothing went on in the garden today. I had some appointments to attend to and it rained a nice bit today which canceled out any garden activity anyway. That's ok. I have some very important things coming up next week and need to focus on getting some things into place and used today to help offset that. Tomorrow is a stock-up day for groceries as a part of this journey also involves frugality.

I have always believed in stocking-up as a shopper. It is a way to help cut down on costs if done right, and it also helps should any crunches come along and they ALWAYS do. I remember reading where one woman who was laid off took a part of her severance package and stocked up on a year's worth of non-perishables in her basement. She didn't know when she would find another job and was going to have to live off of her savings, and whatever was left of her severance package. I have heard of other families doing the same. They stock up their homes and "shop" if you will from their own pantries.

As the economy is continuing to spiral out of control and more and more families are affected by this, frugality, stocking up and returning to cooking from scratch and from whatever produce is homegrowned can help to offset skyrocketing prices.

One way that a friend and I have been discussing to cut back on our grocery bills as well as concentrating on overall better health is to introduce some vegetarian meals. We are working on vegetarian dinners this week and hope to continue to incorporate this as a regular part of our meals.

This is my offering for tonight:

A simple baked potato and some cucumber slices. I also have corn on the cob and blueberries and bananas for anyone that wants a simple dessert. I like my potato plain with a dab of butter and maybe some sour cream, but opted for just a pat of butter this evening. For the others there are toppings like cheese, and ranch dressing and anything that they can find that they like to pile on top.

I will be relying heavily on vegetable stir-frys for the most part. That is something everyone likes. I have a book on vegetarian meals as I was a vegetarian for 3 years back in my early twenties.

My garden has reignited within me the urge to push myself to get back to basics in as many areas of my life that I can. It is and will be an ongoing process. There will be sacrifices to be made, choices, and much discipline necessary. But I am encouraged to push and try as hard as I can when I think of the alternatives.


lifes2odd said...

You are definitely right, those crunches do always come along. I'm working on my stock up as well. I'm glad you decided to post your vegetarian offering for this evening! Mine was simple this evening as well. I'm off to water my garden before it gets dark and then I'll be back to get my photos off my camera for today and post my entry :-)

janetpearl17 said...

Just imagine when the cucumber slices in your dinner will come from your own garden.