Sunday, September 14, 2008

" Sunday"

Well, today has been a pretty quiet day overall. I finished up dinner preparations, took care of the garden and have things almost ready for the upcoming week. Then it is off to take a nice hot shower, wash my hair and settle in for the night. I hate this part of Sunday because I usually dread going back to the routine. But, that being said, I consider myself fortunate to have a routine to go back to.

In the garden, I basically cleared some weeds from the aisles and raked into between them.

 I watered the plants and made a few discoveries. I put a little manure around the roots of some of the first plants that were planted, and I trellised the pumpkins as they were growing into the sweet potatoes. I was about to clean out the bucket from the cantaloupes when I came across this.

 It looks just like a little watermelon. The other little one that was growing fell off and I decided to just scrap the cantloupes. Now I hope to see the development of this new little find.

In my greenhouse, the plants are still growing. Not as much as I had hoped, but still growing.


 The watermelons seem to have stopped growing. I was hoping that putting them in the greenhouse would help accelerate their growth but again, I think I planted too late in the season.But, I plan to grow earlier next year and more plentiful.

In the flower garden, the Hibiscus are still in bloom as are the Marigolds.


 I am going toplant some mums as soon as things cool down a bit more.

 Remember how these plants and how they looked when I first rescued them? They are really thriving now.



Overall, I had a very enjoyable day in the garden.

Well nothing else to see around here folks. Hope a good week is ahead for everyone and I will see you...the next time.


lifes2odd said...

Our garden entries sound a but similar this evening -- spring will be here soon and we can start all over again! Hope you have a great week! FM :-)

lifes2odd said...

I meant to say a "bit" similar, LOL!

dbaumgartner said...

What a great little find.  I hope it continues to grow, but you never know considering the time of the season.

Your rescued plants look fabulous!  Oh, I love the color of your hibiscus.  I have some but none that color.  Very pretty.