Thursday, September 18, 2008

"For The Sake Of Mental Health"

I had a completely different kind of entry prepared for this evening. I was about to hit send when I decided against it. It was full of cynicism, and doubt. It was full of more thoughts of just wanting to withdraw further and further into a shell. So instead of sending it out into the Universe, I deleted it and decided instead to work in my garden and cook. These two things are always a reminder to me of all the things that I still have to be grateful for.

I have been compiling some recipes over the last few weeks. Some of these recipes are for a change in diet that I have set up for myself. The other recipes are for the upcoming cooler days of fall and winter. It has been cool here for a few days and I pulled up a recipe for some potato soup. I have pulled up so many that I can't remember who to give credit for it. But it isn't mine. Still, I wanted to share it because I thought it was a quick and easy way to to make a favorite.

Since I am so busy, I need lots of quick and easy meals that I can make and freeze. I know that cooking from scratch is the best and the most healthy, but sometimes you have to improvise. I am all for that.

So here is the recipe that I pulled up for the soup.


* 32 oz. Frozen Potatoes O'Brien

*2 Small packets White Gravy Mix( I chose Jimmy Deans)

*1 Large Chicken Broth

*Shredded Cheese

I also at the suggestion of the original recipe maker added cubed smoked sausage. You can also add pieces of bacon if you are really into meat and that smoky flavor.

Cooking Instructions:

Pour broth and potatoes in stock pot;heat. Once broth is hot, mix in both packets of white gravy mix. Heat to boil and simmer 20-25 minutes. Add cheese,salt and pepper to taste.

That is the original recipe and it came out delicious.


 This bowl was still steaming out of the pot. Someone (not me) requested some for lunch. Once it has sat for a bit the consistency is MUCH thicker and the flavor is very full.

I also baked a German Chocolate cake for the others and have some Flax Seed cookies for myself. They are quite good and quite filling.

While the cake was baking and the soup was simmering, I went outside to work in the garden a bit. I had the "wee one" water the plants inside the makeshift greenhouse, and I took care of the rest.


 Pumpkin up to the "Nogoodniks" of trying to jump the fence into my garden.

 More Tomato beauty. I love it!


Close-up of the trellised pumpkins.


 Winter squash and sugar snap beans next to it.


 My only remaining cucumber plant( in the middle) trying to grow.

I could just feel a calm pour over me and I truly needed that today.

And for all of you following the saga of "Belle and Beau", good news. There is a reconciliation in the works.  After seeing the headlines of the "Three B's: The Bailout of "AIG", the Buyout of "Merrill Lynch", and the Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, Belle decided that Beau was right about not starting a family right now. They are continuing in counseling.

Well, that is it for this "Homestead". Have a "Fabulous Friday" everyone, and I will see you next time...


lifes2odd said...

Forget my email request for the recipe, LOL!
I am so glad that you found the positive side of dealing with whatever it is you were feeling today. Sometimes it's a good thing to come to J-land to vent, but even better that you were able to overcome just by thinking or writing the entry before sending. It shows strength, and learning to give yourself the validation you need, and rightly so! You know I'm always here to talk and listen no matter what, as I'm sure your other friends here are too.
I think things are looking very nice in your garden. Those tomatoes made me want to jump through the screen to steal them -- what's your home address again? And when will everyone be away from the house for a few minutes? I only live about 8 hours away, please give me plenty of notice ;-)
FM :-)

dbaumgartner said...

Good to see Belle and Beau are doing well. LOL

So glad you decided to visit you garden and refresh yourself. It's a good thing.

Pumpkin is just too adorable :-)

If you would like more recipes and share your recipes my journal Kitchen Chatter is open to all who enjoy cooking and sharing recipes. We have regular posters but it's a community journal. Just a thought, not a requirement :-)

Here's the addy if you want to take a look