Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Busy Saturday"

Greetings and Salutations.

Before I get into my usual drivel I would like to send out prayers and wishes for speedy recoveries for all those affected by Hurricane Ike in Texas, and the survivors and families of all those affected by the train crash in Los Angeles. I hope that they get the help that they need speedily and that three years from now the Hurricane victims are still not struggling to get back to some sense of normality. And for all of us not affected, may we remember how fortunate we are, just how precious life is, and how in the blink of an eye it can change forever.

Now back to the drivel....

Over my way,it has been a busy Saturday. I woke up pretty early this morning. Didn't feel too great but pushed past it to do what needed to be done today.

There was the usual Saturday fare of chores, and today "The Wee One" had to work on his science project. He did a diorama of the "Okefenokee Swamp".

I had been looking for stuff for weeks and finally we...erm...he, put it all together. Uh...yeah, that's the ticket.

Here is the finished result:



 A Close-Up


I have been slow cooking a roast since late afternoon that should be just about done now. I will make mashed potatoes and green beans to go along with it on tomorrow. There will be a baked good for them and I will more than likely subsitute asparagus for the mashed potatoes for myself. Cooking is definitely up there with gardening,and simplicity as the things that give me a sense of peace and joy. Ahhh, simplicity.

I have ironing to do for the week and the garden to water and check on for tomorrow. After that, it will be a nice hot bath and hopefully an early bedtime. I have a history test on Tuesday, so that will take up most of my attention for the next couple of days.

And speaking of the garden, there is trouble is "Paradise". Remember this happy photo?


Well today, things looked like this:


Apparently, Belle wants babies, but Beau says no because their work is seasonal and "Kid-Crows" would demand a more stable income. Seems that Beau enjoys only having to work a few months out of the year and isn't ready to give up that freedom just yet. I sure hope those two get it together because I need them to be focused....What?

Well, that's all from ye' olde Homestead today. Hope that Saturday has been kind to everyone and that Sunday is even better. Enjoy it, and make every second count. Till the next time...



lifes2odd said...

I was terrified for my friends and everyone in Texas. I know what terror I went through this week with just the outskirts of Ike. I've checked in with those I know there and they are all fine, one is without electricity or cell phone service, but no major damage thankfully. I do know how life can change in the blink of an eye, I've had three very scary experiences this week that have reminded me of that.
You -- I mean the little guy did a great job on the project! Your continuing story of Beau and Belle cracked me up! Hope you feel better soon and good luck on the History test! Martha :-)

dbaumgartner said...

Too funny about Beau and Belle.  Hopefully they will get things squared away.  :-)

Love the science project and I'm sure the, ummmm two of you will get a wonderful grade.

Have a fabulous day and get ready for a bit of cooler weather.  :-)