Saturday, November 29, 2008


It has been raining here since around 3:00 p.m. yesterday. I love it. There is a possibility for thunderstorms throughout the day. I hope so. Something about rain and storms just relaxes and calms me. Rain unleashes in me a contemplative spirit. That is exactly how I am feeling today.

I usually do not like to watch or listen to the news. There is always more heartache than good usually. Yesterday's news was no exception. My heart goes out to all the families who lost loved ones in Mumbai. My thoughts and prayers also go out to those who lost loved ones in what I feel was a most senseless way; by Black Friday shoppers. Have we become so ingrained with the desire to have and to possess that we could trample a fellow human in the pursuit of a purchase? Obviously the answer to that is yes. It simply boggles my mind.

When contemplating these tragedies especially the Black Friday deaths, it just gives me all the more impetus to build upon my desire for a frugal, simple life. I want to get back to natural living as much as humanly possible. Restarting my garden this past summer let me know that this sort of life is where my heart truly resides. I have to admit that I have let other things over the years sidetrack me and keep me from my goals, but I am determined to turn that around in any way that I can. I will start again with baby steps, but I "will" reach my goals.

I have always been more of an unconventional person. I don't like to follow the crowd, and I don't like to do things simply because others are doing it, or somebody else feels that I should. I have nothing against suggestions, or advice, but I want my own voice to be the one that I hear the loudest. Over the years, I have relegated my own voice to the background and have been very unhappy in doing so. That needs to change.

The upcoming year is fast approaching. It is usually the time that we make resolutions, that are usually broken before the ink dries. I won't wait until then. I am going to use each and every day that I am blessed with "now", to continue to make the changes that I need to live my life in the passionate way that I crave. Each and every day I plan to incorporate more of the things that I love. As the tragedies that are reported on in the news shows, "Tomorrow is promised to no one". We have to do all that we can each and every day that we are granted a chance to do so.

So maybe that will mean that instead of rushing around trying to keep things in order all the time, I will grab a book, a cup of coffee and some time to just relax. It doesn't mean that I will let things go to pot, but it does mean that I will realize that it is alright to just "breathe" sometimes instead of trying to always accomplish something. Yet, there are certain things that I would like to do.

I look forward to planning for my spring garden. The thought of that really excites me! I want to learn to can, and to improve upon my storage techniques. I'd like to have a better savings plan in order. I want to teach myself to play my guitar. There are some home improvements that I want to try my hand at instead of letting them intimidate me. I'd like to continue working to make my home one of those comfortable places that the kids can bring their friends to for fun. Most importantly, I want to continue to strive for that feeling of family and belonging with my loved ones and friends.

I don't want to be one of those people chasing "The American Dream". What does that really mean anyway? No, I want to just live my life as close to my own "personal"dream as I can. For me that means learning to be as self-sufficient as I can. It won't be easy, it will mean lots of hard work, and it will perhaps mean bucking what most people consider "the norm". But you know what, when I look at all the other alternatives out there, I know that it is more than worth it.

Till next time...


Martha said...

Ah yes, I agree - could have written the same entry myself. The simplicity you and I tend to long for just isn't within reach without a time machine to go way, way back - but that doesn't mean we can't slow down, and take the time to create better balance in our lives. Hugs!

jp17 said...

Well said. It all comes down to what you want as priorities in your life and those of your children. Listening to YOUR voice will lead you to the fulfillment of all that you want. And on the way don't forget enjoy the rain.

Solitary Dancer said...

Hi Ro, I love this post. It's exactly what's in my head. You have managed to put words to it, perfectly.

Simplicity, peace and harmony are the pieces that when put together complete the dream


LivingSimply47 said...

Martha: These days we have to find our simplicity wherever we can. The choices we make today is the way to hold on to and embrace the simplicity of yesterday.

jp17: Absolutely!!

Solitary Dancer: Glad you enjoyed the post. I think so many of us have a "false" dream that we are unaware of what we already have possession of.

Thank you ladies for your kind words and continued support.